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Custom Website Design Services In Tampa, Florida


Our Services


Website Design

At Ricketts, we design and develop high end, world class websites. Every single website we develop is unique and comes with our custom Ricketts Online Application Management (ROAM) Control Panel, allowing you to easily manage the content of your website. Every site also comes with Google Analytics, allowing you to track the visitors on your site.

The design and development process of your new website will start with the initial consultation to give us an idea of your vision. Our experts then take your vision for the look, functionality and end goals, together with our years of experience and generate the website for your online success.

Why Custom Websites?

Because custom websites set you apart and allow you to do anything you want with them. Our custom websites go above and beyond other custom websites because we can integrate most any functionality you can think of. Sure, we have all the normal stuff of contact forms, animated FAQ's, live chats, blogs, cool graphics and everything else, but we can also provide features such as automated social media integration and posting, SMS messaging, email & SMS newsletters (built right into your site), dynamic graph and chart generation, automated recurring tasks, direct video integration w/ auto conversion and the list goes on. Short answer...our custom sites are cutting edge with the best and newest technology.

Managing Your Website

All of our clients can manage their websites on their own. We have written our own custom CMS system called ROAM (Ricketts Online Application Management). Our ROAM control panel is state-of-the-art and built around your website rather than your website built around the CMS, like you find with the other 3rd party systems.

With our ROAM control panel, you can easily add, update, suspend and remove pages from your website. Our content management includes revision history and restoration features, this allows you to return any page on your site to any previous version. ROAM also features different modules to allow you to easily manage more complex sections of your website, such as animated FAQs, products, services, photo galleries, etc.

Promoting Your Website

Contrary to popular beliefs, if you build it, they will not come. When your website has been completed and launched live, the process doesn't stop there. At Ricketts, we provide you with the tools and guidance you need to successfully promote your new website to generate traffic, leads and sales. Website promotion includes several aspects including on-site and off-site search engine optimization, social media marketing and several other aspects. Contact us today for more information.