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Web Hosting & Email Services In Tampa, Florida


Our Services


Hosting & Email

Ricketts offers fast and reliable website and email hosting in the Tampa area. You may wonder, how do we compete with the major hosting companies around the world? Easy, we offer the same speed and reliability as the big hosting companies, but we soar over them with our customer support. When you call our customer support, a real, well-qualified person will answer your call ready to assist your needs. Whether you need Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting, you'll love our Florida website hosting services and support.

Ricketts Web Servers

So you might wonder, where are our web servers located? Are they in a backroom in our office? Absolutely Not! Our servers are located right here in downtown Tampa in a tier 3 datacenter! Our datacenter is owned and operated by E Solutions Corporation and provides us with redundant power, 4 different bandwidth carriers and 24/7 armed security. The facility hosts our dedicated servers in which we have remote access to along with dedicated on-site technicians for emergency situations. You cannot get any more reliable than that!

Windows & Linux Hosting

We offer both Windows and Linux based hosting platforms that run the most up-to-date software and programming languages. On our Windows servers, you can run ASP.NET, PHP, Coldfusion, MSSQL databases, Postgre databases and an array of other features. On our Linux servers you can run PHP, Coldfusion, MySQL databases, Postgre databases and an array of other features. We always keep our servers updated running the newest technology available. 

Email Services

Our hosting accounts include both POP3 and IMAP email services. Every email account comes with unlimited email address and 500mb of disk space! Our email servers have built-in virus scanning and spam filters for you to utilize. We also provide you with an easy to use web interface to check your email anywhere in the world! You can also integrate your email into Outlook, smart phones, tablets, etc...basically anything that runs email!