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Custom Facebook Pages & Other Social Media Services In Tampa, Florida


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Social Media

Social media integration into your website has become a requirement. Social media is the hottest thing on the Internet now. Utilizing social media allows everyone to stay connected in a whole new way. If your business or website is not up on the social media trends, then you are falling behind.

Your business at a minimum should be utilizing Facebook and Twitter. At Ricketts, we are here to help you make that step of integrating these useful tools directly into your website. We'll create custom Facebook pages that you can control from your ROAM control panel. We'll create custom Twitter backgrounds to make your page pop. If you want to go all out, we'll even create your own custom Facebook application!

Custom Facebook Pages

Custom Facebook pages are becoming more and more popular with small businesses. When you have a custom Facebook page, you can display virtually any information to the visitors of your Facebook page that you wish. Like everything else in Ricketts, we don't use any 3rd party tools to create these custom pages, we create them just for you and can wire the control of the page to virtually anywhere!

Custom Facebook pages are great because so many people spend so much time on Facebook and you can create how many ever custom page tabs you wish. You can create pages that have surveys, collect information to generate leads, showcase products or services and much more! If you would like to create a custom Facebook page for your business, just give us a call!

Custom Twitter Backgrounds

Make your Twitter page stand out by utlizing a custom Twitter background! Everything in your company from your website, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc., should all follow a simliar branding concept, so you shouldn't your Twitter page? We'll create a custom Twitter background page that flows with the rest of your company's branding to help maximize the return on your Twitter marketing!

Automated Social Media In Your Website

Do you want updates to automatically post to your social media pages when you post them to your website? Well now you can! At Ricketts, we can directly wire your website, blog, products, services, testimonials, anything to your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. This makes your marketing campaigns on the social media outlets so much easier. For example, when you run a special on one of your products, how nice would it be if just automatically was Tweeted and posted to your Facebook status for everyone to see? Or maybe you just wrote a new blog post, that can also be automatically outputted to all of the social media outlets without you doing any additional work!

Are you interested in automating social media tasks directly into your website? Give us a call today to discuss it!