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On-Site & Off-Site Search Engine Optimization Services In Tampa, Florida


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Ricketts offers search engine optimization services that consist of both organic (on-site and off-site) and pay-per-click (PPC) methods. With Tampa being a large city, usually the competition is much greater than what you would find in a smaller area. We have a great track record of landing many Tampa business on the first page of Google for their keywords/keyphrases in both PPC and organic campaigns. Contact us to discuss your need for Oragnic or PPC SEO.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is the very first step to having a successul ranking on the search engines. If your on-site SEO is not properly done, doesn't matter how well your off-site SEO is, you will never rank. At Ricketts, we are experts at on-site SEO and have had great results based on this aspect alone, however, off-site SEO is also a key factor and a big determining factor of your rankings.

So what are our techniques? Well, we wish we could tell you exactly how we do it. We can tell you though that we go back to the basics. Our websites are well formatted, coded and structured - three very important factors of on-site organic SEO. There are also many other things we do with your site to give you the results your looking for on the major search engines. Request a proposal today for the SEO on your website and we'll be happy to show you real-time examples you can see first hand.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO is the art of connecting your website to other sources on the Internet. Notice we use the word "art" because that is what it really is. Everyone has received the spam emails about getting you hundreds of PR5+ links for small dollar amounts. The fact of the matter is that these methods do not work and actually run the risk of permanently damaging your rankings.

The majority of off-site SEO is related to link building. Many are under the misconception that it is the number of links to your website. That does play a factor, but it is more based on the quality of links coming into your website. Link building strategies take a lot of time and a lot of effort. There are enormous amounts of research that have to be done on your specific industry to even determine where you can build links from. Our off-site SEO services are based on a project to project basis and will vary for everyone. Please contact us directly if you are interested in off-site SEO.

Pay-Per-Click SEO (PPC)

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, search engine optimization has many advantages over organic SEO. One area that PPC soars over organic SEO is the instant gratification. When we create your campaign, your ads show up instantly and traffic is generated right away. Unfortunately, this works just the opposite that when you stop running your campaigns, the traffic goes away. Another advantage of PPC SEO is that your position can be much better than that of organic. Many times, your ad will show up above the organic and many visitors will click your listing before they even look at the organic results

PPC campaigns can be very confusing and different for each market or industry. As mentioned, Tampa is a large city and therefore constitutes more competition. Having Ricketts setup and manage your pay-per-click campaign takes the headache away from you. We are experienced in researching different markets, targeting the correct key terms and phrases and adjusting campaigns accordingly. Contact us today to discuss the venture of a pay-per-click SEO campaign.

Orangic SEO or PPC SEO?

One of our most commonly asked questions about SEO is which one do I utilize? We recommend both. If you budget doesn't allow for both to be done, it will be up to you decide if you need the traffic now, or if it can be built up over time. We are happy to give you our projections of what you can expect based on our past experience. We'll let you know how we would expect PPC SEO and Organic SEO to perform with your industry and your website.

All of our Tampa SEO packages are priced on a per project basis because all websites are different. The SEO for your website in your industry is not necessarily the same as our last client. Your website will be evaluated next to your top competitors in your industry to see how you stack up. We'll report what needs improved upon and how we're going to do it. For more information on Tampa SEO, contact us directly or request a proposal.