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SQL Database Development & Integration Services In Tampa, Florida


Our Services


Database Development

There are many different database platforms and many different styles of designing developing them. When we design and develop a database, we always take into consideration expansion, performance, and of course, security. We take time to carefully plan out every table in every database for every application we develop. Utilizing proper data types and table structure, we guarantee our databases are easily expanded while querying results at lightning speeds!

The Database Role

A database plays the most important role in any application. It is the element that processes and stores your application's data. No matter how well the application is programmed, if the database is not well constructed, you are guaranteed trouble down the road. That is why we are very careful and plan every database we develop. This allows us to start with a solid platform prior to ever touching a line of code.

Database Platforms

At Ricketts, we prefer to develop in a Microsoft enviroment, therefore, we develop new applications utilizing Microsoft SQL Server databases. However, we also support other database types such as MySQL and Microsoft Access.