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Custom Developed Web Applications In Tampa, Florida


Our Services


Custom Applications

At Ricketts, we develop a lot of custom web applications. A custom web application is a website that features in-depth custom programming, database design, development and integration as well as a robust administration interface. Most of the custom web applications we develop are used to streamline and automate tasks, perform complete business management and are often times new Internet ideas involving new concept creation.

Custom applications require extensive planning on all levels including graphics, databases, process flow, security and promotion. Because of the amount of time and work required to complete a web application, they are generally rather expensive and take longer to develop. We provide consulting, planning and execution services for your application, please contact us directly or request a proposal to discuss your individual needs.

Common Task Automation

Common task automation is something that we often integrate into our custom web apps. Some examples of tasks we have automated include daily task notifications, recurring monthly billing queues, daily data transfers and chart/report generation, outstanding balance notifications, passing/retrieving data to and from 3rd party sources via API, document generation and conversion, online digital signatures and much more. We can automate pretty much anything that is physically possible over the Internet. Wondering if we can do something for you? Just ask!

Business Management Systems

A custom business management system from Ricketts is what your business needs to run efficiently, smoothly and most of all, accurately. Every business management system we develop is programmed to your standards and your business. We let you manage your customers they way you need to. We let you do your billing, invoicing and payment collection in a manner that works for your business. We generate the reports that show you the essential information needed to improve your product, services and business in general.

The business management system we develop for you will be accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. The systems are hosted on our dedicated servers in our tier 3 datacenter in Tampa, Florida. Your data is backed up every night and our servers include failover systems to ensure you have access 24/7, 365 days per year. All systems are PCI complaint and adhere to the highest levels of security in both your application and database data itself. Find out more about our web hosting services.

New Internet Concepts & Ideas

Do you have an idea for the next big Internet craze? Do you see the need for a new concept that doesn't yet exist? Can you improve on an existing online service? If so, we're here to help make that dream become a reality! With our extreme programming capabilities we can create most anything you can think up! Contact us today or request a free proposal to find out how much your idea will cost and how long it will take to complete!